I help starseeds, empaths, intuitives, extrasensories, mediums, witches, warriors and light workers ignite, harness and integrate their gifts so that they can easily navigate their path, be their unfiltered self, find their soul family and feel at home.

Welcome home. Come play!



"When I was first introduced to Jillian's healing work, I was in the throes of facing my deepest core wounding. My 15 year marriage had ended, I felt alone and didn’t know how to move forward. Jillian offered emotional support and did her best to help me fill the shoes my children looked to me to offer. My oldest daughter had gone to live with her dad out of state. After numerous attempts to help her heal the dark masochistic chains in which she found herself bound, I was devastated and my self-esteem and will to live were mutilated beyond recognition. I needed a miracle, a sea parting, walk on water kind of miracle. That is exactly what I received during Jillian's healing sessions. Her intuition was impeccable, her delivery soft, gentle and nurturing. She is without-a-doubt delivering Heaven's healing. After working with Jillian, I had clarity, a fresh perspective and began to rebuild my life. I began to focus on realizing my purpose to the fullest extent of its’ potential. This cosmic priestess of authentic self-expression helped me to do that. She is a miracle worker in the most literal sense of the word. Please consider giving yourself this gift. She brought me back to life. What more can I say? Thank you Jillian. Thank you from the innermost depths of my soul."

Aprilynn Noriega

"I had an awesome session with my angel Jillian last year at Camp Love. She took me back to my childhood and let me understand so much of why I am who I am. I am so grateful for her opening my eyes . I highly recommend Jillian for help."

Mike Wick

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