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Hi there! Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Jillian Andrulli and I’m a certified hypnotist, gamma breathwork practitioner, spiritual teacher, intuitive healer, medium and artist located in Reno, NV. Yes, I wear many hats, and I love every single one of them! My heart is my work. Twelve years ago, I found myself at a crossroads in my life. I knew I had to make self-care my number one priority if I wanted to continue my journey here in earth school. So, I did. I chose myself. I started creating self-care rituals and formed my own healing modalities when traditional means didn’t do anything for me. 

I graduated in 2009 from the University of Nevada, Reno with my dual bachelors degree in social work and cognitive brain science. I became an advocate in the mental health field and after nearly a decade of working with individuals from varying backgrounds (those in recovery, former sex workers, teen parents and the LGBTQ+ community to name a few) I started to see a need that was never addressed. The need to heal the spiritual self. That part of us that seeks, makes us feel purposeful, fulfilled, and connected to something larger than ourselves. That piece that is much larger than our story.

Throughout my journey, I knew that in order for me to fully heal, I had to connect with my spirit and seek nourishment for my soul. My healing journey was very spiritual and the most impactful practices I implemented for myself weren’t traditional at all. These practices included self-hypnosis and building rapport with my subconscious mind. It included body movement practices, meditation, breath work, music, and artistic expression (just to name a few). My healing process was and continues to be very eclectic.


After working for nearly a decade as an advocate, I decided to take the leap. To leave my 9-5 and create my own spiritual healing business. I studied under many teachers and eventually obtained my hypnosis certification through the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners and the International Hypnosis Federation. I also obtained my Gamma Breath Work Practitioner Certification through the Energy of Breath School and American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Now, I’m an entrepreneur who helps individuals who are at a crossroads in their life to figure out their path, see their power, re-connect with their core essence, develop self-trust, and connect with their spirit (however they define it). It is my belief that in order to heal, you must be an active participant in your own healing process. A process, you design and bring to fruition within your life. You are your own medicine.


My methods are aimed at helping those who are struggling to find direction, and who desire to reconnect with their spiritual abilities and ultimately themselves. I help people reclaim and self-define their own sense of purpose, sexuality, spirituality and to find fulfillment within their lives. I act as a guide who provides safe and sacred space for your healing and offer gentle support as you create the life you desire, all while invoking the wonderment and play of your inner child. So, whether you’re seeking guidance in life, wanting to further your connection with the other side, explore your emotions, memories, or would just like to learn how to shift out what is no longer serving you in life, I’m here. I’m here as a resource and guide for you.


I can be booked for Hypnosis sessions, Gamma Breathwork Sessions, Past Life Regressions, Inner Child Work, Shadow Work, Mediumship Sessions, Tarot/Oracle Reading Sessions, for Public Speaking and Workshops. For more information about my services, or to book a session with me, please check out my "Work with Me and Services" tabs.

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